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We decided to use the end of our year signing 4 more directors to our roster, names like Effie Theos, Gerssis, B2 all with their own individual skills and styles. Get a little insider knowledge on their career backgrounds.



B2 Creativ has grown over the last year to be one of the most promising, young names in the industry.

The directing duo made up of Sam Barnham and Bradley Boorman, have been a creative force, with different unique ideas, which merge to create a little bit of magic…



Gerssis has a proven his track record in directing some fresh names in the industry.

Residing in London since 2013, Gerssis’s portfolio spans cultures, genres, and subjects. His work for the artists and creators conveys his comfort and skill of being behind the camera; his creative vision and unique style are unparalleled and have helped him achieve over…


Lydia Garnett

Our Spotlight of the month Director of Recent Video Release for band GHUM “Some People” the video style speaks for itself. A camp & punk in spirit, chaos centering on joy and eccentricities, showing women/queer people in control of their own narratives, check it out.



find out more about us below.

Pa Salieiu x Backroad G


The 3 minute piece directed by Femi Ladi (Somesuch) brings a gritty, unorthodoxic but sleekly captured visual. Set out in an 8 hour day, the team worked closely to capture striking angles shot by cinematographer Olan Collardy. The range of shots included flying a drone in the underground 4 story complex, a crew of 25 all produced by Chiara Lafour



The guys also recently released their short film for the music artist Loski & Amazon.

This film is based on Loski’s rise in music and the backstory of him growing up in southeast London, Kennington, a fast-paced environment affected by poverty, crime and violence.

This film is out now on Amazon Prime and Youtube so be sure to check it out.