B2 Creativ has grown over the last year to be one of the most promising, young names in the industry.

The directing duo made up of Sam Barnham and Bradley Boorman, have been a creative force, with different unique ideas, which merge to create a little bit of magic each time. Their work spans the genres and different subject matters. No 2 B2 Creativ films are the same, each with their own form and their own life force, which jumps out at audiences.

Previous work includes Izzy Bizu, Kali Claire, Bow Anderson, Charlotte Jane, Akheim Allen and many more. These London natives have grown around different cultures and movements, which influence their work and their daily lives. B2 are destined to make a big splash in the industry, working in both music and the commercial space, while also drumming up some stir with talk of fictional pieces. With all this, B2 Creativ are sure to be, a driving force within the world of film.



Gerssis has a proven his track record in directing some fresh names in the industry.

Residing in London since 2013, Gerssis’s portfolio spans cultures, genres, and subjects. His work for the artists and creators conveys his comfort and skill of being behind the camera; his creative vision and unique style are unparalleled and have helped him achieve over 100 million views on his work alone.

Previous work includes Digga D, M Huncho, French the Kid, Tallia Storm, Che Lingo, Northside Benji, Relentless, Majestic Casual, Mixtape Madness, Virgin EMI, and others.

He is only looking to expand and create unique work with unique artists across all genres.


André Reid

André Reid, a talented creative who originated from the intern scheme at Somesuch and now works as a prominent and recognised Music Video rep at Somesuch. Andre has a proven his track record in directing and representing some of the biggest names in the industry.

Alongside overseeing global projects he’s a pioneering creative and invested in nurturing new talent. His directing work includes promos for Jaz Karis ‘The Waiting Line’, a 1960 jazz-inspired video and working on 2nd unit for a Samsung commercial. His latest project is a short film for Loski, which is set for release this year.


Dijian Eccles

Having come from humble beginnings, partly growing up in Jamaica, Dijian Eccles has directed numerous projects across Music Promos, Short Film & Branded content and been able to help artists from similar backgrounds transition from small self funded ideas into highly celebrated pieces of work. Having been multidisciplinary, Dijian has been able to push the limits of production, working with names such as Izzy Bizu, Krept & Konan, Loski and Emile Sande.