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This film is based on Loski’s rise in music and the backstory of him growing up in southeast London, Kennington, a fast-paced environment affected by poverty, crime, and violence. Directed by André Reid & Dijian Eccles and shot  by director of photography Ahmet Husseyin, the 17 minute film was put together within 2 weeks prep, in the 2nd wave of lockdown. Filmed in 4 across London & Gloucestershire, the film was produced by Shamara Adams & Dijian Eccles.

This film is out now on Amazon Prime and Youtube so be sure to check it out.


“Having worked on the film as creative director one of the things i wanted to ensure was the authenticity of the script and how it was portrayed by our actors to really sell the story as it was. 


The project on a whole was fun to make and we had the opportunity to share the experience with a great deal of young talent infront and behind camera who normally wouldn’t have space to be apart of such a big production.” 


Josh ‘Jafa’ Fashola – Creative Director.

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Music, Trial & Trauma | Loski – Short Film | +44 | Amazon Music




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